Because the war in Ukraine will increase your restaurant bill in Nice

Because the war in Ukraine will increase your restaurant bill in Nice


We have to raise prices, we have no choice.“The findings of restaurant owners are clear. In Nice, fast food restaurants see no other option to deal with the rising cost of sunflower oil. The bill is steep and leaves a bitter taste.

Half of the world’s oil production comes from Ukraine. With the war provoked by Russia, the supply of this raw material became more difficult. In early April, the lack of oil cans on supermarket shelves heightened fears of a shortage. However, this came from the fear of consumers, who overfilled the bottles.

Logically, with less oil available on the market, prices have risen. The most influential in the industry remain the snacks that offer a lot of fries, especially with kebabs, burgers or tacos. “Before I paid 18 € for my oil cans. Now I am at 45 €,blows Kevin Dirand, her manager Have a good break in the Arenas. “However, I always get the same brand!

Avoid overcharging with restaurants

Christophe Souques-Bonnet, vice-president of the Association of Hotel Professionals and Industries (UMIH), confirms this situation. “We have a very strong price increaseHowever, this is not the only factor on which professionals should depend.We are limited by our suppliers. You can not take more than 40 liters per week. For some restaurants, this is less annoying. But for others, it becomes difficult to manage.

To address these limitations, the agency decided to purchase a 20,000-liter oil pallet, which will be distributed as needed. “We are looking for solutions for everyone’s sharesHe admits.

Kevin Dirand, for his part, does not face this problem. “We have a supplier who does not impose anything on us.“A godsend for someone who uses two cans of 5 liters per week.

“It’s the snake that bites its tail”

We are thinking of increasing our prices.“, admits AGM *, manager of a snack bar near Jean Médecin. Behind him boils his fryer.”We work with students. For them it is complicated, they do not have much money. You can not raise prices like that“Even for employees the bill remains salty:”They only pay with restaurant tickets. Imagine, they have a ticket of € 7.50. I can not put a price at 9 €, it would not work for them“.

However, for Kevin Dirand it’s an idea you have to get used to. “If in two months, the situation remains the same, we will have to inflate prices“In question, the cost of sunflower oil, but not only: diesel for transport, other raw materials such as meat …”It is the snake that in the end bites its tail! It never ends.

Unimaginable alternatives

Another problem in this case: the few possible solutions to replace sunflower oil. “I thought of making baked potatoes, with a little olive oil … It is marginal if they do not have the same price now!“, Kevin Dirand jokes. At the moment, the restaurant has resigned to stay with potatoes.”I filter my oil more and I would play with the prices. I really am not one of those people who give less to my customers … ” He concludes: “We are forced to do things we did not necessarily do before.

Christophe Souques-Bonnet does not see an alternative either. “We can not use animal oil because of our vegetarian customers. And some vegetable oils decompose above 160 ° C.“But the vice president is waiting before he starts to worry. It is based on the beginning of summer, and specifically on the harvest of sunflowers in France.

AGM * does not want to change oils. “The quality of the offspring is not the same.“But he is wondering about the components of his cans, now that France has authorized the brands to change certain ingredients without necessarily marking it.I would not even know what to say to my customers!“One thing is for sure, as Kevin Dirand calls it, sunflower oil has become theirs”gold bar“.

* The name has changed


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