Back: still very difficult? The game is rebalanced

Back: still very difficult?  The game is rebalanced


Game news Back: still very difficult? The game is rebalanced

New balance for Returnal! The Tower of Sisyphus, the new feature that appeared in March, sees its difficulty in redesigning.


  • Return 3.03: all for information
  • Back to top: Do developers back off?

Return 3.03: all for information

Update 3.03 for Returnal was released yesterday, an exclusive PlayStation 5 release released on April 30, 2021. This patch is not an anniversary celebration, but just wants to make some fixes to the latest features added with 3.0. “Developed in late March, it added a Co-Op function as well as the Sisyphus Tower, a kind of function.”Inexperienced“for anyone looking for a challenge. An obviously badly adapted challenge from 3.03 also aims to”to balance the difficulty in the Tower of SisyphusThe following are the complete patch notes:

Update notes

Error correction

  • Sisyphus Tower: Log 94 sound was added to an additional location in the tower.
  • Sisyphus Tower: A rare problem was fixed where Algos could not die or die too early in the tower.
  • Sisyphus Tower: Increase the scrolling speed of the scoreboard
  • Co-Op: Fixed issues where a visitor or host had a black screen when switching industries
  • Co-Op: Game bug fixed
  • Co-Op: Fixed two rare errors that inadvertently closed the game

Back to top: Do developers back off?

A Returnal Balance reminiscent of the recent and lengthy interview conducted by Somewhat funny games by Harry Krueger, game director. In addition to his comments on the great success of the title, he also shared his opinion on the difficulty of the title. It had sparked a lot of controversy last year, shortly after the release of Returnal: some players found it too big, while others felt it needed a quick storage point to avoid spending too much time on a single effort. The comments were probably heard all, but necessarily everyone is satisfied: the quick savings come, but the difficulty remains more or less the same: it is normal according to Harry Krueger, because it is inseparable from history.

But with this update 3.03, the Housemarque studio seems to have a freer hand as it balances the difficulty of the Sisyphus tower. A challenge that seems less connected to the story since its difficulty has already been reviewed by the developers. However, nothing says whether it has increased or decreased : still in his interview Somewhat funny gamesKrueger wants this test “offers a short and difficult challenge so that each player can repeat the exercise multiple times without spending much time on it“.

We remind you that Returnal was released on April 30, 2021 exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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