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How far will the Aston Martin sink? This is the question we can ask ourselves, in view of the disastrous results and the waltz of the leaders of recent times. The legendary Gaydon brand suffered the blow in the first quarter, recording losses of over 131 million euros. This is very much just for three short months, which indicates a rather difficult year 2022 financially.

But as the bad news usually circulates in degrees, Aston sees its top executives jump off the ship. Tobias Moers, CEO of AMG in 2020, announced his departure earlier this year. Officially, he is the majority shareholder of the brand that wanted to leave. Lawrence Stroll, as it is about him, then explaining to anyone who wanted to hear that Moers was too authoritarian. Only the departing German has since wanted to restore his truth. For him, Stroll is a despot who wants to decide everything, while leaving no room for maneuver in his teams. Pulse.

Lawrence Stroll, almighty owner of the English brand.
Lawrence Stroll, almighty owner of the English brand.

This game of his is the one who says who he is “ in any case testifies to the heavy atmosphere that prevails in Gaydon and that the results of the Formula 1 team do not come to settle. The car driven by Lance Stroll, the owner’s son, is at the bottom of the rankings, while persistent rumors indicate, at best, an upcoming collaboration between the team and Audi, which wants to come to F1, and at worst from a full acquisition, which would mean a final withdrawal from Aston in the Queen’s industry. A news that could not but improve the manufacturer’s finances, since the sports department is a gap, but that will discourage a little more the 3,000 employees of the company.

A former Ferrari in the patient’s bed

But in the midst of this flood of bad news, the brand announced this week, on Twitter, a vacancy for the position of CEO vacant for three months. The winner is none other than Amedeo Felisa. And Stroll, to defend his new foal, to highlight Felisa’s biography and his career in the service of the Ferrari chalice. Except that the main shareholder does not specify in his flattering presentation that the man is now 76 years old, that he left Maranello 7 years ago and that since then he has been content with a role “special counselor” of Chinese FAW for the development of electric cars. I’m not sure, therefore, that Felisa has all the weapons to resist holding the almighty Stroll and can steer the box in her hand.

Amadeo Felisa left Ferrari in 2016.
Amadeo Felisa left Ferrari in 2016.

However, the mission assigned to the new CEO is clear: the total power supply of Aston, which is scheduled for 2030. Then he will be 84 years old and it is unknown whether he will continue to perform his duties. In any case, the Rapid E, the Arlesienne with the watts that have been expected for years, can finally see the light of day in the Felisa era. Provided that Stroll gives him the means to express himself, provided that the Canadian billionaire, for whom the car is far from being the main source of income, does not decide one fine day to stop the Aston adventure and resell its shares.

Many conditions and uncertainties for one of the most legendary brands in the history of the car. And even if the image of his name is intact, he could very well disappear one day soon, if the fiasco continues.


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