A historic flight: United Airlines launches Nice-New York flight this Saturday

A historic flight: United Airlines launches Nice-New York flight this Saturday


It reached under the jets of water fired by firefighters at Nice Côte d’Azur airport. All white with bright blue wings, tail and jet engines. A moving sequence … This Saturday, at 10:10 a.m., the landing of the Boeing 767-300, under the name United Airlines, from New York.

More than 9 hours of flight with 169 passengers, to launch the first direct connection between the American metropolis and the capital of the French Riviera.

Historic flight, because since its founding in 1927, this airline, one of the oldest and most important in the United States, had not landed a wheel on a runway in Nice. It provided connections to France, via Paris, but here, we had never seen it before.

This seasonal and daily flight also adds to the passenger fleet, direct and non-stop, between Nissa la Bella and Big Apple. And in noticeable conditions of comfort.

For an explanation, board the company of Grégoire Dutoit, Commercial Director for France at United Airlines.

What is the interest of this Nice-New York direct connection for United Airlines?

It’s a historic day. Nice-New York is the first destination outside Paris, a city we have been working with for 37 years. We had planned to come to Nice in 2020. The health crisis delayed this project, which makes sense, because the region and Monaco represent great potential.

How frequent is the flight?

Daily. Departure from Nice, daily at 12:10 p.m. on arrival at 3:45 p.m. local time at Newark Airport in New York. Arrival at Nice Airport is daily at 10 a.m. after leaving the US at 7:55 p.m. local time.

Air transport over the Atlantic with what type of aircraft?

It is a Boeing 767-300 with a specific configuration. It consists of 4 cabins with many seats in premium. This aircraft includes, in fact, 46 Polaris Business seats which are individual suites, 22 Premium Plus seats, 47 Economy Plus seats and 54 Standard Economy seats.

Then more comfort?

Yes. We bring complementarity through product quality, tailored to the region, and the nature of our network: arriving in New York, the flight is directly connected to more than 85 destinations on the American continent, including the most popular such as Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles …

What are the prices of the flights?

It is difficult to give a constant average value due to constant fluctuations. I prefer to talk about a call price of 460 euros with tax, with departure from Nice

Until what date will this daily line operate?

At the moment, this is a seasonal flight scheduled for September 6, but our analysts are studying the possibility of maintaining this direct connection throughout the winter.

“High demand from the US,” according to the airport official

Nice-New York. Two companies have already provided this ongoing connection.

First, Delta Airlines, whose rotations increase throughout the season with 5 weekly flights currently and one daily flight from June.

Then there is La Compagnie, a French company that offers 3 flights a week with “full class business” aircraft, in other words, small planes, 60 to 80 seats, without economy class.

Wider connection

And so, now, another company. Because there is the possibility of passengers. Franck Goldnadel, President of the C Συμβουλίουte d’Azur Airports Council, justifies this third arrival at the Riviera Winged Park: “Another company and connection for Americans and people from the C .te d’Azur. It is often said that on the C .te d’Azur, we welcome tourists, but here, we also have many companies exporting to the United States. For those from the Cote d’Azur who go to America, they are tourists, businessmen or people affected by family reunions. This additional connection is in line with strong demand from the United States, as it offers additional opportunities. , American companies have a network of connections that differ from each other. “There we offer a wider connection.”

Beyond summer

If there is a demand, the seasonal and limited nature of a direct flight between Nice and New York may be required. “It is true that maintaining this type of connection during the winter is a challenge for our airport and given the high demand from users, we have already started working on it.”


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