777X and 787 delays: Emirates raises doubts

777X and 787 delays: Emirates raises doubts


Confirmation of reference to 2025 deliveries from Boeing 777-9 does not thank the boss of his best customer, the airline Emirates Airlinesmore than his problems 787 Dreamliner.

Boeing’s confirmation of the 207 launch of the 777X, originally scheduled for April 2020, came as no surprise to Tim Clark, head of the airport-based company. Dubai ordered 115 (nine of which are already assembled). He had announced the postponement a few days earlier, after threatening to cancel his order in February in case of further delay (” honestly, if it exceeds 2023 and lasts another year, we will probably cancel the program “, he said then).

But this possible cancellation ” is not on the agenda the Emirates boss told Airlines Ratings, though the airline has patience not infinity According to the Seattle Times, it plans to go into service around July 2025. And has allocated $ 1.5 billion to remodel the 777-300ER and A380 that should have been replaced by the 777X, said Tim Clark , describing the first new wide-body aircraft as ” used planes “, Having been produced seven years before their delivery.

The other 777X customers whose units have already been assembled (5 for Lufthansa3 για AIRLINES cat and 3 for All Nippon Airways according to BOE Family Flights, except for the four used for the tests) remained rather discreet. A Lufthansa spokesman told Simple Flying to be ” aware of of the new report, adding: ” As one of the launch companies, we have ongoing exchanges with Boeing and are adapting to the situation “. Boeing) were officially turned into options.

This postponement of the 777X, among other things, will allow Boeing to focus on two other “problematic” programs, the 737 MAX and specifically for Emirates Airlines in 787 Dreamliner (for which a “certification plan” has been submitted to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). thirty 787-9 The orders are supposed to be delivered from next year and Tim Clark did not hide his pessimism: ” We look at the whole picture and see if the 787 has a place in the fleet or not. We will inform Boeing about it “, adding that no cancellation will be made” A surprise ” for him.

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun confirmed that after almost no deliveries of new 787s for 18 months, 115 Dreamliners are “awaiting repair and delivery” (except for order book 481 at the end of March 2022 and 405 after the application of the accounting standard ASC606).

777X and 787 delays: Emirates raises doubts 1 Air Journal

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